Workshop on 'The use of UAS Techniques for Environmental Monitoring: state of the art and challenges'

Valencia February 15, 2018

General description

This Kickoff Workshop was held at Universitat Politecnica de Valencia on February 15 as a part of the COST Action HARMONIOUS 'Harmonization of UAS techniques for agricultural and natural ecosystems monitoring'

Environmental monitoring plays a central role in diagnosing climate and management impacts on natural and agricultural systems, enhancing the understanding hydrological processes, optimizing the allocation and distribution of water resources, and assessing, forecasting and even preventing natural disasters.

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) have considerable potential to radically evolve environmental monitoring. For these platforms to reach their monitoring potential, a wide spectrum of unresolved issues and applications require focused community attention. The present workshop will provide a comprehensive overview of recent research investigations and applications of UAS in environmental monitoring and also identify research challenges for the coming years.

More information about Harmonious- European COST Action through its Facebook page.

Workshop sessions

Session 1-UAS for Environmental Monitoring Click here to watch
Session 2-UAS for Vegetation Monitoring Click here to watch
Session 3-UAS for Hydrological Monitoring Click here to watch

Full program